Spring Opening

We typically begin performing spring openings on or around March 15th, weather permitting. As a Steeplechase NJ irrigation customer, you can expect to receive a phone call from our automated system in mid-February reminding you that it will soon be time to start thinking about the spring opening for your system. You may call at any time before or after receiving this reminder to schedule an appointment time that will be best suited to your schedule. Saturday appointments are available.

  • Customers who are "remote ready" will not have to be home while the service is being performed. The water would simply need to be turned on and the clock on the system set to "ON" or "Run"
  • Customers who are not "remote ready" will need to be home to allow our technicians to access the system.

At your spring opening, one of our trained technicians will do the following:

  • • Activate your sprinkler system in NJ
  • Pressurize the Back Flow Preventer and check for any leaks
  • Test all zone lines
  • Test Rain Sensor
  • Inspect and adjust all sprinkler heads
  • Check that all heads have the proper positioning
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