Sprinkler Installation

A quality installation is just as important as a good design. Steeplechase goes above and beyond to make sure your lawn sprinkler system in NJ is installed right.
  • Steeplechase's ongoing training of all employees insures that you'll have knowledgeable staff installing your system.
  • All sod is replaced around the new sprinklers and valves to give you the neatest installation possible. We install all piping with a special piece of equipment so that your lawn isn't torn up unnecessarily.
  • All sprinkler heads and valves are installed flush with grade so that they're out of your way when you mow.
  • A licensed plumber is used to make sure the water supply is connected properly.
  • • All sprinkler systems in NJ installed by Steeplechase include:
    • a Solar Sync Sensor takes weather data and programs your system for you
    • an automatic rain sensor to make sure your system won't be running in the middle of a rain storm
    • a backflow prevention device to assure the safety of your family and neighbors
    • Hunter Ultra Large Turf Heads
    • Hunter Pro C controllers

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